De neinteles.

Din intamplare am intrat zilele trecute pe blog, sa vad ce se mai intampla..”cam pustiu”, reiau cuvintele unei cititoare si cam are dreptate. Faptul ca nu mi-am mai transpus gandurile in acest format electronic, nu inseamna ca nu au mai existat, ci pur si simplu mi-e frica. Blogul este o forma de exteriorizare, care e total opus felului meu de a fi. Explicatia e foarte simpla. Te-ai exteriorizat, imediat ai fost atacat.

Undeva intre mine si lumea inconjuratoare, inca exista acel zid imens de  diferente morale, si se poate observa clar ca viitorul acestei tari nu e la fel de roz, precum cineva candva spunea „Sa traiti bine!”. Intr-adevar, mai exista si oameni de treaba, cu care poti purta o conversatie la un nivel mai avansat decat daca te-ai duce la Zoo si ai incepe sa vorbesti  cu un babuin. Insa aceasta specie este pe cale de disparitie, fiind urmati de  niste generatii care inafara de facebook si alcool, celelalte notiuni  reprezinta pura plictiseala. Spiritul competitiv al individului actual se rezuma  la numarul de absente inregistrate intr-o luna la scoala, sau numarul de pahare  inghitite cu cea mai mare placere in seara precedenta.

Este clar ca dintotdeauna au existat persoane care au avut si au o atractie  deosebita fata de substantele care te fac sa uiti cine esti, insa nu intr-o concentratie asa mare. In ziua de azi, pur si simplu esti inconjurat de astfel de  indivizi, pentru care scopul lor in viata il reprezinta sambata in club, si selfie-ul facut acolo. Nu zice nimeni ca nu trebuie sa bei frate, dar sa ajungi  lat la pamant, sa nu mai stii cine esti, e o problema.

Am fost printre straini, o perioada buna de timp, unde am descoperit o alta  lume, un alt mod de viata, o alta mentalitate. Diferenta? Infinita. Poate e si  nivelul de trai la mijloc, dar romane, daca vrei nivel de trai ridicat, munceste. Cat mai putina munca, si cat mai multa recompensa. Asta e deviza unei natiuni care odinioara reprezenta „Granarul Europei”. Hai sa furam cat mai mult, oamenii o  sa reziste, nu au incotro. Serios? Cate milioane de romani sunt nevoiti sa mai paraseasca tara pentru a se observa ca directia actuala nu este tocmai cea mai buna? Parinti plecati in strainatate inseamna copii lasati in voia sortii, neavand un  sprijin care sa puna piciorul in prag atunci cand drumul ales nu este cel bun. Inseamna generatii pentru care cel mai important lucru de zi cu zi nu reprezinta situatia lor, ci numarul de like-uri de la poza de profil de pe Facebook.  Hai sa ne facem selfie pe locomotiva electrica, doar n-o sa patim nimic.  Si faptul ca persoana care a gandit chestiunea asta a murit cu telefonul in mana, reprezinta ceva? Nimic. Oare nimeni nu isi pune macar un semn de intrebare in legatura cu chestiile de genul asta?

Nici daca ar ateriza un OZN, ar iesi un extraterestru si ne-ar spune ca nu avem nici un  viitor, nu ar insemna nimic. Probabil l-am invita la o bauta, sa isi aduca eventual si amicii. Great work people! Great work.


Rainy tales

– No Jeray, nooo! screamed The Arch after seeing what Jeray is about to do.

– There is no other way! I need more power!
The Arch grabbed his Book of Rains and searched maddly for the spell that could save him. Jeray keeps channeling the power of Kryni, which started to change even his apperance.
– Don’t do this! It will destroy you! yelled The Arch.
– You can’t understand the row power of Kryni, priest! said Jeray and releases a wave of destruction over the Temple.
The Arch fell down on his knees after the explosion, conjuring a protective spell over some of his people who were too close. Looking above, he saw Jeray, who is not Jeray any more. He grabbed his Book from the ground, opened it and started casting a spell at Jeray.
– Rainy prison! yelled The Arch with his hand pointing at Jeray.
– Do you really think this tiny spell can stop me?! said Jeray while he squashed the spell like it was nothing. Then he channeled his power and threw fire spears at The Arch, surrounding him like he was in a prison.
– Now this is a proper prison, won’t you agree, old man? May your last moments be wormy. Said Jeray, then flew away with an incredible speed. The Arch was barely breathing, surrounded by
spears of flame. With his last powers, he managed to destroy the prison. Stearing at the Temple, he couldn’t believe his eyes what just happened. All his life he guarded the Power of Kryni, and now, he saw it destroy it’s home. Weakened, he casted a healing spell over the place, saving some of his people who were still alive.
– We have to get out of here, he said to his best advisor Archi.
– Yes sir, this place its no longer safe, he can return any time.
– Prepare the people. We go to the Caves of Fallwater, in the Mountains of Sparrow. Once we get there, we have to find a way to stop Jeray.


They walked for 3 days and nights.

– We are finally here sir, let’s find shelter inside the Caves.
– Don’t walk too deep inside, Archi, this Caves are not totally safe. There is a colony of Weeboo’s deep within.
They entered in the first room in the Cave, and started building a shelter. The Arch used his Book to cast a bunch of protective spells over the place, so no intruder atack them from outside, or inside.
After some days spent in the caves, Archi came to talk to The Arch.
– What will we do with Jeray? His power grows by the minute.
– We can’t do anything by ourselves, we have to find a brave warrior, and guide him so he can master the power to finish Jeray.
It was raining that night, and the forest around the cave was covered with a deep mist. Archi was guarding the outside exit, when he heard some noises. He ran to alert The Arch but he seemed to be aware of this already. He came to the exit and remained inside the protective shield, Archi joined him.
In some minutes, a siluette starting to appear from the mists. The Arch opened his Book, but he felt a strange sensation coming from the stranger, some kind of good power.
– I don’t want to disturb you, but, could you offer me shelter until this damn rain stops? said The Stranger while getting close to the entrance.
– We can, Stranger. said the Arch, and he closed his Book while welcoming the Stranger inside the Cave.
He stood down near the exit, put his weapons on the ground and stearing at the rain.
The Arch asked him who he is and what we was doing on those parts of the world. He finds out that the Stranger was a mercenary, and that he came because he felt strange powers rising in the Temple of Raindeer. The Arch told him everything that happened there.
– So i was could this happened?! said the mercenary.
– What’s done is done. said The Arch. We must focus now on defeating Jeray.
– I will help, said the mercenary, grabbing his weapon from the ground. The Temple was the only place that could make me feel safe, now i have to make it safe myself.

– First there are some tasks that you need to fulfill in order to go after Jeray.

– I will gladly take your advices, old one.

– Hero, you must travel deep within the Caves and kill 10 Weeboo’s. Gather their pelts and bring them back to the Shelter. This will keep us worm during the cold nights.


After some hours of running, jumps and screams, the Hero returned with the pelts.
– Well done! Now there is a Tree House not far from here. After you get some rest, travel there and search for a Pheonix feather. Beware! the Pheonix leaves the house exactly at sunset for a 2 minute fly. Don’t get spotted, because you will die.

He waited the exact opportunity, grabbed the feather and brought it back.

– The Pheonix Feather you just got, will help you during the fight with Jeray. said The Arch. It surrounds you with a protective shield. Keep it with you all the time.

In the next morning.

– This place, by its own, protects us from outsiders,said The Arch,  but won’t resist against an attack from Jeray. Travel to The Waterfall and bring the Pillars of Life. Those structures will hold this place together, so the people here will be safe.

The Waterfall was a mirific place that the Hero never seen before. For a while, he flooded his eyes with the beauty of the environment, then he jumped into the Waterfall, took the Pillars and went back to The Caves.


After a good resting time, The Arch came.

– You don’t think you stand a chance against Jeray with that old piece of crap on you?! Go to the Arena of Groty and win the Tournament. The price is The RainBringer, definitely more powerfull than that.

He went and won the Tournament with ease, and received The RainBringer.

– Now we are talking, said The Arch.

They prepared a great feast that night, ate and had fun telling old stories from their childhood.

– Have you heard of the Gonga? said The Arch the next morning.  She is an old hag living inside a Waterplant in the Lands of Foreen, outside of this forest. Go to her and convince her to give you the Scales of Abary.


The road to the Lands wasn’t to easy like a walk in the park. Between the forest and the plain field there was the wall, which he had to climb. He managed to pass all the challenges that the wall threw at him, including the attack of the Wernkeys. He was silently approaching the Waterplant, when he heard a creepy voice.

– Who is there?! said the Gonga. The herogot surrounded by living plants.
– I won’t harm you. said the hero. I came for the Scales of Abary.
– The Scales? That is my precious armour. Why should I give it to you?
– I need it to destroy Jeray.
– Jeray? You mean the demon that destroyed the Temple of Raindeer? I will give you the armour, but first you have to help me. Go in my garden and gather 10 red flowers. Not blue, not yellow, RED! Watch out for the bees, they got crazy since the destruction of the Temple.

He grabbed 10 red flowers from the garden, while cleverly avoided the bees.

– Thank you Hero. Go now, defeat the Evil! said the Gonga while made a circle of those red flowers and started casting a protective spell.

The Gonga gave him an item that can open a gate in the wall, so he can pass it more quickly.


-You are back..and you have The Scales! said The Arch Good work. Now we can atack. By now, Jeray surrounded himself with an army of monstrosities. Lets get to the Temple, and clean the area of all monsters.

The Arch came back to The Temple, and saw it corrupted by the influence of Jeray. The Hero killed all the monsters but the bad influence could still be felt in the air. The Arch opened his Book and found an ancient spell.
– Ray of Glory! he screamed looking on the sky. A thunder sound stroke the place, and a great light surrounded The Arch and the Temple.
– Now it is cleansed. said the Arch. Then he started meditate.


After the place was completely secured, The Arch called for the Hero to join him.

– You must go face Jeray. I feel his influence from over that hill over there. Be prepared for everything and don’t be afraid. The rain is with you!

After countless hordes of monsters, he finally reached the Hill. Jeray was sitting on a rock throne, surrounded by monsters.
– What is this?! said Jeray. A mercenary against the power of Kryni?! You will die kid.
The hero charged, killed the monsters on front, then jumped and aimed for Jeray.
– Noop! Jeray created a wave of wind and threw the Hero so far away in the sky, it can’t be seen any more.
The Arch saw the Hero falling from the sky, and casted a spell to protect him.
– Are you OK? said The Arch while staring at the Hero.

The hero nearly fainted but found the strength to keep his consciousness.


Meanwhile, Jeray surrounded by his monsters.

– Come on my servants, let’s finish this forever! said Jeray and flew in the direction of the Temple.

He threw himself into the air like a missile, and then charged for The Temple.
– Old man! You are still alive! Die! screamed Jeray casting a black spell on The Arch.
– This won’t happened! said the Hero, raising from the ground and destroying the spell with his weapon.
Then he engaged Jeray. For hours they fought, and the Hero seemed to remain out of strength. Laying down near Jeray’s feet, he tried desperately to get up, but he was too weakened.
– You will die now! said Jeray, and casts a spear of fire.
– No! you won’t kill him! Even tho you are my son, you will die this day! screamed The Arch.
He opened his Book, and casted the Spell of Mordrey.
– This will kill you, old man! You won’t live to tell the tail!
– I don’t care, as long as you die with me! said The Arch, throwing the bolt of lightning at Jeray.
– Noooooooo! screamed Jeray while he was fried by the lightning.


– You saved me. said the Hero, crawling at The Arch.
– This was what I had to do, forgive me, Hero! said The Arch with his last breath.


The book disappeared, with a lightning sound. The land was safe, and power of Kryni returned itself to the Temple, where it always belonged. The Hero swore to remain there for the rest of his life, protecting the Temple and the destructive power within it.


Dă vina pe cel ce degeaba, întregul gând ți l-a rănit..

Dă vina pe cel prin care, dobândit..

Dă vina pentr-cel ce-aiurea, sentimente-ai investit..

Dă vina pentr-cel ce-ntruna, nopți î suferit.


Împărat al nopții mele, furie..tu-mi ești stăpâna..

Inimii ce-n mine zace, seaca și-amară, păgâna.

Distrus de atâta ură, suflet..tu, copil de aur,

Lasă-mi furia să-ncerce-a reuni al tău tezaur.


Din instinct măruntul zilnic, faci. Ca timpul să mai treacă,

Gândul tău îți e departe, incapabil să-nțeleagă..

Cum într-o secund-apare..negrul, cel ce va s-adoarmă,

Voința ce după sine-ntreaga viață zboară oarbă.


The last fight..

În negura cumplit-a nopții,
Soldatul pășește adânc
Stânga, dreapta, agili hoții,
Pitiți în codrii..tremurând.

Când din greșeal-un mic fior,
Dă start la ceea ce-o sa fie
Un mic razboi necruțător
Cu-ntregul cârd purtat de-o umbra.

Neîncetat curaj. și-o luptă,
Cum numa-n basme poți descrie
Râzând greoi cu teaca ruptă,
Lâng-un copac batrân s-așează,
Ținând stâns sabia-argintie.

Secătuit și fără vlagă,
Adoarme-adânc sub straja lunii
Știind că-n zori urma s-apară,
Ca un erou în fața lumii.

Imaginație dual-core

Foarte blamutomic acest referat stricat,
Undeva în Balcani stai în fund așezat
Și meditezi asupra unui lucru defrișat
Ce peste noapte-ai fost nevoit și l-ai îndopat.

De ce te uiți noaptea spre răsărit?
Când vezi aproape nimic venind dinspre asfințit..
Aștepți să vezi ceva? ceva întâmplător?
Sau doar un amărât nor rătăcitor..

Mausoleul cald stă pururi nemișcat
Incrustat cu nume ce zac aprinse-n vânt
Tu cerule! ascultă-mi atent acest cuvânt!
Ce zace-n mine secole așteptând..neinfricat..

Viespi dulci neobrăzate bat înspre poarta lată,
Tu stai de-așteaptă ore..zile..luni..ani grei..
Și când deodată fulgerul spre tine stă s-abată
Nu încetezi să fugi..mirat spre alte plaiuri..
Unde aștepți cu jale pe pupăza din tei.